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Grooming your Spaniel

The most well-known Spaniel species are the English Spaniel and the American Cocker Spaniel, although there are still many species existing in the group of hunting spaniels.

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Understanding dog grooming techniques: Spinning, shaving, stripping and trimming

Spinning is a recommended operation in the case of straight long-haired species. The Yorkshire Terrier, the Maltese Silky Dog, and the Shih-Tzu, but even the Afghan Hound may be seen before the exhibitions with white paper packs on their bodies. Although basically, each spinning species has different hair types, in each case the target is to protect from damages, breaking the very long hairs, which the dog pulls after itself while moving.

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Irish Wolf Hound grooming

The Irish Wolf Hound has stringy hair, and therefore it has to be trimmed. A soft undercoat is hidden under the hard and rough outer coat of the largest hound species. The most experienced owners continuously remove the hairs, however in the case of a show, 4 weeks prior to the event a complete trimming has to be done.

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