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The Step by Step Guide for Bobtail Grooming

The fur of the Bobtail is very thick. Its overcoat is dense and hard, while its undercoat is thick and soft. It is very interesting that Bobtail puppies are born white and black, however by their adolescence, that is, by the time they are about 9 months old they obtain their known white-grey coloring. Its fur is medium long, the dog has a roundish appearance due to the very thick fur of its head. This thick coat has to be brushed and combed each week, with paying attention to the tangles. Unfortunately, its hairs stick together very easily and if the owner does not pay attention to this, later on already only the shaving machine can help. For bathing, by all means, a shampoo free of oil has to be selected because the oil would make the fur heavier. If we want to give a nice shape to the dog, on the occasion of drying it should be dried with brushing from the hind towards the withers, and from the withers over the breast downwards. It is not necessary to shave the Bobtails, however, in the case of show dogs they used to adjust the hind with scissors, in order to have an even more rounded appearance. If the dog has a tail, then they adjust the hair of the tail in order to have an even denser impact. If the owner did not succeed in preventing the forming of tangles or if the owner does not have enough time for regular grooming, it is possible to cut the Bobtails to a very charming fashion. In these cases, the cosmetician usually pays attention to shorten the hairs to a length of about 8-10 cm with keeping the shape.

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