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Yorkshire Terrier Grooming Guide for Owners

The Yorkshire Terrier is a species that absolutely does not need trimming. Under the long, straight, silky outer coat there is no undercoat. The fur never can be woolly. The long hairs of the show dogs, reaching the ground, demand regular grooming: the owner has to not only comb the hair of the dog, but he has to oil and spin it on paper as well, in order to protect it from injuries. However, according to the general practice, in the case of pets, the owners usually decide to apply to shave. It is very important that the hair of the ears has to be regularly shaved in order to allow the ears to stand nicely. This is an important task both in the case of show dogs and in the case of pets, however, it involves only the outer-inner half of the top third of the ears. The hair has to be cut to roundish cat paw form on the paws because it will also grow there continuously, the same way as between the sole pads. Removing the hairs around the anus is very important, because the feces may stick into the long fur. Bathing is also needed by all means. In the case of spin-haired show dogs during oiling, the hair is inclined to become increasingly dirty, since dust sticks into the oil and the fur would become heavy from the lots of oil after some time. Due to the show bathing-drying, straightening with the curling device, lacquering, the preparing of bow-knots, applying rubber bands, it is very important to groom the hair with conditioning lotion. Even in the case of show dogs, they cut back the long hairs from time to time. They straighten the hairs at the ends, however, with this step the ends of the hairs are also refreshed. If the owner decides to shave the dog, then he may select from among several designs, but probably the most preferred shaving style is the Westie style, when a short skirt is left in a circle, however on the back, on the chest and on the neck the hair is cut to short size. They form the head round with scissors, the same way as they form with scissors on the legs as well the somewhat shortened shape of the hair.

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