About Us

Have you ever felt in a pet supply store that dog products are manufactured with less care and diligence?

Every time I walk past a dry food self a weird smell always hit me: the distinctive and smelly dog food smell. 
Then I start to wonder:
What are these made from?
Are they safe and non-toxic?
All necessary ingredients are included?

You see we are full of doubts when it comes to choosing products of our dogs. We would like to give them the Best, but unfortunately, we can't ask them if they liked the latest treats or their opinion about the brush we currently use.

But we can see and feel what they like and what they don't.

At RUBOLD we are real dog owners and dog fans. These questions are before us day after day. We try to find the most gentle, natural and the best quality products for our dog just like you do. We soon discovered loads of bad quality, crappy or even dangerous products on the shelves.

Giving the very best for our dog every day - it became our passion

Our quest for discovering the perfect dog products was the path to create our own dog product line based on our experience and knowledge. The products that meet the highest standards and expectations and the products that we use on our dog: Rubold as well every day. These products are not only made based on our ideas. We asked veterinarians, groomers, trainers and we built the thousands of our customer feedback and the recent research results in every product.

Dear Customer! You are the inspiration for us to keep working hard. We have a mission to create better products for your dog.
the RUBOLD team


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Rubold is an Irish Setter, the funny boy and center of attention. His presence in the office always highlights the fact that the little things (like walking in the park or just caressing the paunch) matter the most in life. He's really fit and has great sense of humor. He's the inspiration for us to do our job every day, which is making every single dog's life better!