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Irish Wolf Hound grooming

The Irish Wolf Hound has stringy hair, and therefore it has to be trimmed. A soft undercoat is hidden under the hard and rough outer coat of the largest hound species. The most experienced owners continuously remove the hairs, however in the case of a show, 4 weeks prior to the event a complete trimming has to be done.

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How to groom the Chinese Crested Dog

There are some hairs even on the hairless dogs, though not too much. These little mops of hair have to be combed from time to time in order to prevent their knotting. The skin of hairless dogs is very sensitive. In the summertime, in the sunshine, the skin has to be protected with sun protecting lotion, while in the heated, dry air apartment it's “drying out” should be prevented with body lotion.

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The ultimate Poodle grooming guide

This species has lots of variants not only as regards the colors, but as regards their sizes as well. There are giant (standard) ones, medium, miniature and toy sizes. Its basic colors are black, white and brown, but there are also silver and apricot colored poodles as well. The Harlequin and the black-tan color versions are not accepted at shows yet. The hair of the poodles is curved, and the undercoat is also usually very wavy. The hairs are not always wavy along the same plane and waviness may extend up to curliness.

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How to clip a dog's nail without the risk of injury

Usually, they do nail clipping at the end of the cosmetic operations. Although the nails are worn in a natural way if the dog moves enough on hard soil (that is not at home on the kitchen tile), nevertheless, this should be inspected. Nails too long will bend backward and this will not only hinder the dog in its free movement, but it may also cause pain for the dog. 

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Russian Black Terrier

This huge, black Russian species is the favorite of many people, due to its elegant appearance and kind temper. Its outer coat is hard and dense, while its undercoat is thick. It has a characteristic beard and eyebrows. The hair has to be disentangled each week, with paying special attention to the undercoat.

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Kerry Blue Terrier grooming

It can be rarely said about a terrier species that it is not trimmed. However, the soft, thick and wavy hair of the Kerry Blue Terrier has to be shaved. It is interesting that all of these species are born with black colored skin and when they are about two years old their fur will have a characteristic blue shade. In spite of the fact that it is not trimmed, but it is cut with scissors, the characteristic terrier form has to be kept.

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