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How to clean dog ears and eyes

How to clean dog ears and eyes
In the case of the eyes, it has to be known that for the two eyes two cotton wads have to be used, the two eyes should be never cleaned with the same wad. The wad should be soaked in lotion for the skin around the eye, then starting with the inner canthus and going outwards the eyes have to be wiped. In the case of some species  - especially in the case of dogs with short nose and bulging eyes – very intensive defluxion can be observed around the eyes. These have to be taken care of each 4-5 days. Fight against the parasites would deserve an entire, independent section. However this is primarily not a cosmetic task, but it is the task of the vet, and the dog cosmeticians usually do not participate in it. They are not driven by their personal aversion in this regard, they are simply afraid that in spite of the most thorough disinfection they will endanger their other dog clients. Protection and treatment against fleas, ticks, lice, and the scab has to be always done on the basis of the recommendation of the vet, the same way, as the emptying of the arial gland. Even the vet opinions differ as regards the necessity and frequency of this. Cleaning the ears has to be done frequently. The inspection should be done each day, that is, we should look into the eyes to define whether any deterioration occurred, whether there is any stinking, brownish deposit, foreign body therein. In well-maintained ears, the pathogen bacteria have a smaller chance to proliferate and ear inflammations are also rarer. A good quality natural ear cleaning device does not irritate the dog, rather it assists in sustaining the healthy balance of the ears.

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