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Grooming your Maltese Silky Dog

The Maltese dog, similarly to the Yorkie has no undercoat, it has only an outer coat that is made of straight, silky, shiny and very long hairs throughout the body. Since the white fur gets dirty easily, the show dogs are groomed with special oil and the hairs are spun on paper, in order to prevent its injuries and its getting dirty. It needs regular grooming, its spectacular, long hair has to be combed each day. On the head, they usually clamp the hair together with a rubber band, and they decorate it with a bow knot. Shaving is not needed, although because of its length, they used to cut back the hairs from time-to-time on one hand to achieve a uniform appearance, and on the other hand to refresh them. Due to its white color, the grooming of the hairs of the eyes and of the cheeks demands outstanding attention. Attention has to be paid to prevent the discoloring of the hairs for good that may be caused by secretions and the food remnants. Maltese that are kept as pets are shaved by many owners, in order to have to work less with their hairs. The most preferred style is the puppy-bichon design, however, in this case, regular brushing and hair disentanglement, and the grooming of the hairs of the eyes and of the cheeks should not be omitted.

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