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How to Make It Work as an Entrepreneur and a Dog Owner

Dogs have so much to offer whether you want to relieve stress, boost health, or just add a little bit of joy to your life. Why miss out simply because you're busy running a business? With these tips and tools, entrepreneurs can give their dogs the care they deserve on schedule business owners can manage.

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10 Most Common Dog Skin Problems with Pictures

Most people know that dogs can get sick and injured, but most don’t realize that dogs can also develop skin problems that need treatment. Skin conditions, such as rashes and allergies are very common these days. Skin problems can affect people and dogs because they can be caused by exposure to the environment and even chemicals. Dogs' skin problems aren't all that different from those of humans. While they don't have Rosacea or Psoriasis, they do develop allergies and skin infections, much as we do. Most owners love their dogs and want to take good care of them, but it is not always easy to spot signs of health issues. One major health problem that often goes undetected is the...

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The Ultimate French Bulldog Grooming Guide 2021

French Bulldogs are small, compact, and funny-looking dogs. They are known to be the best amongst all the canine companions. Bulldogs are small and chubby dogs with short legs. They have a great temperament. With their pug-like faces, are round but not very tall, and are wide and muscular. Their small legs might seem fragile, but they are actually very strong and sturdy enough to support their chunky bodies. French Bulldogs are known to be very intelligent and friendly. It’s a small breed of domestic dog. They are members of the Molosser breed type. This breed is named after France, where the breed originated in the mid-1800s. Frenchies, as they are commonly called, are muscular, heavy-set dogs with short muzzles...

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Dog grooming at home - How to use dog grooming scissors

Many groomers do charge a high rate and some dogs cannot be groomed at professional groomers because of health reasons. You will find that at home dog grooming is more convenient. You will also find that you save money since the groomer charges a lot. And finally: IT’S SO MUCH FUNNN! One of the first things you need to consider when you are learning how to groom your dog is the sort of grooming equipment you need to get. Let’s start with the scissors. There are 3 types of scissors you need to be familiarised with: the straight scissors, the blending scissors, and the curved scissors.

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Dematting Tool in Action: Brushing Your Dog the Effective and Painless Way

Dematting is a very important task in hair grooming. Hairs stuck together and shaggy hairs do not only provide the dogs an ill-kempt appearance, but they are also the hiding place for different parasites, and it may be also the hotbed of diseases. In the case of dematting, the purpose is to fully free the fur from tangles, the dense undercoat should be dematted, and the dead hairs should be removed. The dematting has to be always done in the direction the hairs are growing in such a manner that the hairs have to be brushed from their stems towards their ends.

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6 Proven Steps for Healthy Dog Ears

If untreated, chronic ear disease can result in ongoing discomfort as well as thickening and narrowing of the ear canal which may need surgical correction. Otitis externa (or disease of the outer ear) can also spread inwards and affect the middle ear leading to head tilt and loss of balance. If you want to know exactly how to prevent ear problems for your dog just keep reading!

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