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Solutions for Sensitive Dogs

Grooming shouldn’t have to be painful. We create products for gentle dog care.

What our customers are saying...

"This was the perfect set I was searching for. Blunt tip scissor, curved scissor, thinning shears and comb. The price was right and I've had excellent service from the product. Delivery was on schedule as well. Great job, Rubold."

"Boy, I sure wish I'd had one of these undercoat combs for my previous golden retrievers. Tuli knows that when we head outside with our Rubold, it's time to stand still (kinda), get treats, and get all the extra loose fur removed. The quantity of loose fur that comes out continues to astonish me. My floors are so much cleaner; I would have saved a bundle on vacuum cleaner bags."

"I love this set! During quarantine, I started trimming my Yorkies hair at home. This set of tools works great. The sissors are very sharp, all the way to the ends. The do not make a harsh sound when cutting, so the dog can stay calmer. I don't know how long they will stay sharp but I try and only trim on clean hair. I would purchase again..."

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