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Years ago we began a movement to inspire Dog Parents to have the courage for grooming their own dogs and take care of them using only gentle and natural solutions which won’t hurt them in any ways. To date, thousands of Dog Parents joined the RUBOLD community, and become a part of this revolution.
Every day, this community continues to grow and inspires new generations of owners to take care of their pets the best way possible.
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“Thank You for your wonderful customer service. More people should know about the delicious treats and the great way you treat your customers. I know this will make me a client of yours always and continue to try your products.”

Sincerely, Nicole
Customer For Life!
Nicole Strauss


“It is always a blessing to try out new Rubold products on my fur babys (we have a German Shepherd and a Corgie), but getting them in such big discounts is a double dip!”

Jennifer Marks