Russian Black Terrier

This huge, black Russian species is the favorite of many people, due to its elegant appearance and kind temper. Its outer coat is hard and dense, while its undercoat is thick. It has a characteristic beard and eyebrows. The hair has to be disentangled each week, with paying special attention to the undercoat. Bathing is allowed with a shampoo that is appropriate for the species, and during drying regular brushing has to be applied. At certain places, the fur has to be shaved with scissors or by machine. This is also important in the case of pets, and not only in the case of show dogs, since its typical style may be retained only with shaving. The area around the groins, the bottom edge of the tail, the backside edge of the rear legs, and the neck from the breastbone up to the stem of the ears and the sides outside-inside used to be shaved. The hair is adjusted on the top of the skull and on the skull with scissors the same way as on the bridge of the nose. When the head is completed, the cosmetician shaves the entire body, but only for adjusting the hairs and to emphasize the contours of the body and the angulations of the limbs. At the corners, after shaving with the bottom part with the machine, the hair of the upper part is adjusted with scissors to the hair of the body. The longer hairs may be removed without any problem from between the paw pads, and from around the anus. The more demanding owners also pay attention to the adjustment of the flags.

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