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The Dachshund Grooming Guide

The Dachshund Grooming Guide
There are three different sizes of this species (kaninchen, miniature, and standard), and each size has three haired variants. From the cosmetic aspect, the short-haired is the least problematic. 

The overcoat of the stringy-haired dogs has a hard touch and a straight structure, and it hides a thick undercoat. A very characteristic feature of this dog is that it has thick beards, mustache and bushy eyebrows. These dogs need trimming. In the case of pets annually twice, while in the case of show dogs 4-8 weeks prior to the show. The skulltop above the eyes is trimmed, with paying attention to the eyebrows, and the side of the skull and the neck have to be also trimmed. Removing the hairs on the nose bridge has to be done carefully since the head is typical if the nose bridge and the skull top nearly form a plane. The entire body has to be trimmed, and the flag-like hairs of the chest, the thighs up to the hock and also the tail part have to be trimmed. This latter one has to be trimmed in circles. A nice, column-like shape is formed at the legs with trimming. Bathing is not recommended since it softens the hairs. The outer coat of the long-haired dachshund is shiny and it lays close to the body. The “flags” of the legs, of the tail and along the bottom line of the body are very characteristic. The long-hairs have to be regularly brushed and combed, and each knot has to be disentangled. The shape of the body is formed by trimming, however trimming should be done primarily by hand, and great attention has to be paid to preserve the natural appearance. Usually, they use scissors on the neck, at the stems of the ears and around the anus, mostly with just adjusting the hairs with thinning scissors. The flags are also shaped with the aid of thinning scissors. Generally, it may be said that in the case of the long-hairdo Dachshund that less is always more, that is, attention has to be paid that the traces of cosmetic treatment should not be visible, the natural appearance should be retained.

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