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How to groom a Puli

How to groom a Puli
Puli is one of the most beloved Hungarian dog species. It has felty hairs that demand to groom. In the cosmetic grooming of this species we may forget combs and brushes, moreover using them is even forbidden! Braided hairs may be made by laying the dog on its side and by breaking up the hairs by lines and by mops in the direction of the skin. Attention has to be paid that the hairs should not be ripped open with a single strong movement, but rather section by section, caring for the skin. Attention has to be paid that usually thumb-wide mops should be ripped open.Β On one hand, because the overall appearance will be nice this way, and on the other hand the thin mops may be torn out. It is not needed to bath the Puli, and if it is a must, then it should be done in the summertime, in warm weather, because it is impossible to fully dry the braided fur. On the occasion of bathing, attention has to be paid not to rub the mops, but they should be cleaned by pressing and all the remaining shampoo should be removed from the fur. Since during bathing, the hairs may stick together again, prior to drying it is worthwhile to check and rip it open again, wherever it is needed.

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