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How to groom your Central Asian Shepherd

How to groom your Central Asian Shepherd
The Central Asian Shepherd dogs are widely varying not only as regards their colors, but as regards the lengths of their hairs as well. It can be generally said that their overcoat is rough and straight, and their undercoat is very dense and thick. The hairs on the head and on the legs are straight and short, and lay along the skin. The dogs that have longer hairs may have an overcoat that is even 7-8 cm long. In this case a nice, long fur develops over the neck, behind the ears, on the tail and on the legs. Their undercoat provides good thermal insulation in the winter time, which – knowing the homeland of the species – is not a disadvantage, however, in the shedding period the dead undercoat is not always able to fall out by itself. For this reason regular, weekly brushing is very important, which has to be done much more often at the time of shedding. Do not allow the formation of “sheets” in the shedding period from the dead hairs and pay attention to the formation of tangles around the neck, at the ears and at the bends. Shaving is absolutely not needed in the case of this species. If bathing is needed, the fur has to be brushed throughout drying, in order to facilitate the falling out of the dead hairs.

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