How to groom the Chinese Crested Dog

There are some hairs even on the hairless dogs, though not too much. These little mops of hair have to be combed from time to time in order to prevent their knotting. The skin of hairless dogs is very sensitive. In the summertime, in the sunshine, the skin has to be protected with sun protecting lotion, while in the heated, dry air apartment it's “drying out” should be prevented with body lotion. However, the Chinese Crested Dog has a hairy variant as well, the Powder Puff. Under the long coat, there is a shorter undercoat, its fur is soft and silky. These hairy crested dogs have to be regularly combed and brushed, with paying attention to removing the tangles. When bathing them, due to the sensitivity of the skin, it is definitely recommended to use a conditioning lotion. During drying the fur has to be brushed continuously. In the case of show dogs, they used to shave the neck in a V shape, and the face-nose area is also fully cut too short.

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