Irish Wolf Hound grooming

The Irish Wolf Hound has stringy hair, and therefore it has to be trimmed. A soft undercoat is hidden under the hard and rough outer coat of the largest hound species. The most experienced owners continuously remove the hairs, however in the case of a show, 4 weeks prior to the event a complete trimming has to be done. This task involves the ears, the neck, the back and the top of the tail. Attention has to be paid to the eyebrows, to the mustache and to the beard. The hair is always left on the breastbone, and at the bottom, this has to be matched with the aid of thinning scissors. Efforts have to be made when working in order to do trimming in a way that is not striking, but the natural impact of the appearance of the dog should be retained. Bathing is not needed in the case of this species, it is sufficient to bath it only when the dog extremely dirties itself.

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