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Dog grooming at home - How to use dog grooming scissors

Dog grooming at home - How to use dog grooming scissors

"Why should I groom my dog at home?" Many pet owners groom their dogs at home because it is less expensive and more convenient than taking them to a professional. Many groomers do charge a high rate and some dogs cannot be groomed at professional groomers because of health reasons. You will find that at home dog grooming is more convenient. You will also find that you save money since the groomer charges a lot. And finally: IT’S SO MUCH FUNNN!

Here are some reasons why you should groom your dog at home:

  • Creating a special bond between you and your Furry Friend while you work on his/her outfit
  • Saving some money
  • Having more control over the dog's appearance and schedule
  • Feeling good that you can take care of your pup by yourself

That said, grooming the dog at home is not the same as taking it to a professional groomer; you need to follow certain steps to ensure the dog's comfort, safety, and health. Grooming your dog is more than just an aesthetic or hygienic choice: it can have a profound impact on their health and happiness.

One of the first things you need to consider when you are learning how to groom your dog is the sort of grooming equipment you need to get. 

Let’s start with the scissors. There are 3 types of scissors you need to be familiarised with: the straight scissors, the blending scissors, and the curved scissors. 

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Straight scissors

Straight dog grooming scissors by RUBOLD 

A well-bound shear is a key to quality grooming. The comfort for you as a groomer is also a very important aspect. If you are looking for the right start to groom your dog yourself, then the straight grooming scissors may be just what you need. There are several different lengths of these scissors to choose from. In general, a 6-inch size is very versatile and can be used on most dog breeds. 

This tool is specifically designed to remove mats, cut fur, and do most of the work. The best straight scissors come with a rounded tip so you can be sure that you won’t poke your Furry Friend during the grooming session.


Dog grooming scissors finger holes

 There is a reason these holes are not aligned. The offset handle is a pro solution and designed to reduce the fatigue in the hand.


How to use straight scissors

Now let’s learn the proper way to hold this tool. Use your ring finger and your thumb and place them in the eye holes. Only the top of your fingers should be in the holes don’t press them too deep into the finger holes because your hand will cramp up and you won’t be able to scissor smoothly. Just hold it at the tip of your fingers and move your thumb. Don’t open the scissors too wide just move evenly and slowly by moving your thumb. Try not to push the shears too much just gently work with them.

GIF image showing the correct way to place the fingers in the holes and moving the scissors.

Thinning scissors

Thinning dog grooming scissors by RUBOLD 

In dog grooming, thinning scissors is one of the must-have tools. These scissors are used to create layers in a dog's coat and shifting hair to different parts of the body. Dog groomers use thinning scissors to create your dog’s coat an even length and reduce the weight of his coat. This, in turn, helps prevent mats from forming and making your dog healthier, less tangled, and with a better, thicker-looking coat. 

These shears come in a variety of sizes, to ensure that you have the proper tool for the coat you want to thin. Some blending scissors have 48 teeth and some of them 28 teeth. The more teeth you have the smoother you can scissor. 


How to use thinning scissors

As previously discussed these shears have individually serrated edges and the primary job of this tool is to create layers in a dog's coat. The job here is to blend transitional like when you do a shorter body and longer hair and blend the legs to the body. When you are done with the straight scissors you can use thinning scissors for shooting out the area. You can also use this to fix mistakes in the hair you made with the straight scissors. Start with one dedicated section and move forward with quick cuts and only remove a small amount of hair and then you go around and around on that area you see uneven. 

Curved scissors

Curved dog grooming scissors by RUBOLD

Curved dog grooming scissors are designed to produce curves and to add a finish to a curved area on the dog. Places that lend themselves to being trimmed with curved scissors area heads, ribcages, back leg angulation, legs, and feet. If you have been trimming a round shape using a straight scissor you must be aware that the curve of the blade does the shaping for you and if you overturn the scissor you may take off too much coat. Inverting curved scissors can make it easier to add a shape into the bend in a back leg or to set the neck at the top line.

The best-curved scissors have longer blades so you can work more effectively than shears with a shorter blade. The reason being longer blades cut bigger longer areas of hair and you can work faster and make fewer cuts to achieve the same results. They also have a slight curve that forms well with the body of your pet.


How to use curved scissors

The rules are the as using thinning scissors. Don’t force the scissors just gently operate the blades with your thumb and watch out for your finger position. Place only the top of fingers in the finger holes. 30-70 style curved scissors are great to work with and you can achieve nice even results with them. 


30-70 dog grooming scissors

30-70 means 30% of the body is the holes and 70% is the blade portion of the tool. This nice ratio guarantees the balance of the tool


When using curved scissors you want to move the scissors in one swift motion along one area of the body all they to the end. Do not skip from one area to another. Finish one area and only move to another. Using the curved scissors is the finishing aspect for most of the grooming sessions when you want to style the dog so you can finish the whole grooming with this tool. 



Tips for keeping the scissors in the best condition possible

  1. Always keep your scissors in a safe place (like a dedicated case) to prevent damage in case of a fall
  2. The scissors that you use to cut your dog's hair should be kept clean. After every session wipe the blades clean with a leather wipe
  3. It’s also necessary to lubricate the blades with a few drops of oil every two or three days to keep the steel quiet and fast
  4. Never cut paper or any material other than the hair so as not to lose the sharpening of the blades.



Many people find that grooming their dogs is a good way of spending time together. However, it can be tricky to learn the best way to groom your dog. (Puppies are another matter completely!) It is important to have a good set of dog grooming scissors at home so that you can efficiently do the grooming. Grooming might take some practice but it is something that can be perfected over time. Don’t hesitate and start your journey now!

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cutsncuts calendar_today

As a Groomer I really like these! I love these shears! I am a Groomer and I use these for both prep work so I don’t get my more expensive shears

cutsncuts calendar_today

Very nice set and case. Scissors cut good and each has its own protective plastic sheath. I particularly like the upward, slight ‘U’ curved pair and thinning shears

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