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How to Make It Work as an Entrepreneur and a Dog Owner

How to Make It Work as an Entrepreneur and a Dog Owner

How to Make It Work as an Entrepreneur and a Dog Owner

Did you know that owning a dog makes you a better entrepreneur? It's true: Not only do our four-legged friends keep us fit and fight stress, but dog ownership also encourages the healthy routines and positive attitude that entrepreneurs need to succeed in business.


Managing life as an entrepreneur and a dog owner can be tricky, however. Dogs need a lot of care, exercise, and attention, not to mention frequent potty breaks. Meanwhile, starting a business requires long hours and focused effort.


Does that make adopting a dog while starting a business a recipe for disaster? Not necessarily. It's possible to make pet ownership work as an entrepreneur. However, you can't do it alone. These are RUBOLD’s best tips, tools, and services to help you make time for your dog and your business.


3 Ways to Save Time Starting a Business


Starting a business requires a ton of time, money, and paperwork — right?

It can, but it doesn't have to. There are lots of low-cost ways to streamline your startup so you spend less time on tedious tasks and more time with your new puppy.


Outsource business formation

The business formation process can be overwhelming to newcomers. How do you choose the right business structure, file for tax ID numbers, or decide how your new business will be managed? Even an LLC, the simplest business structure that offers limited liability, requires knowing your specific state's rules. You could try to navigate it alone, or you could let an online formation service walk you through the steps to start your business.


Take advantage of automation

Data entry and number crunching aren’t the best use of your time as an entrepreneur. Thankfully, modern apps make it possible to automate the accounting process using accounting software that integrates with sales, inventory, payroll, and other business apps.

Accounting is the first thing to automate but don't stop there. From managing your lead pipeline to providing customer support, there are tools to streamline nearly every aspect of the business.


Don't DIY digital marketing

This is one place a lot of first-time entrepreneurs go wrong. In an effort to save money, they do their own digital marketing only to invest copious time and money with little result. It's far more efficient for budding brands to hire a freelance digital marketer to manage this important, yet time-consuming task.


How to Be a Great Dog Owner (Even if You Don't Have a Lot of Time)


These tools shave a few hours off an entrepreneur's work week, but they don't change the fact that starting a business requires a lot of time. The problem is, so does a pet. How can you give both the attention they deserve?


The best tools and services for dog owners

Just like it takes a team to run a business, it takes a village to raise a puppy. These are the best services to simplify your life as a dog owner.


  • Rover: Need a dog walker, dog daycare, or pet sitter? Rover's got you covered with a convenient online search tool. Wag! is another popular dog walking service.
  • Chewy: Chewy lets customers schedule automatic shipments of food, treats, and other pet necessities to take the hassle out of buying pet supplies.
  • RUBOLD: With free shipping on all US orders, RUBOLD makes it easy to get the quality grooming products you need.
  • Puppr: From basic commands to fun tricks, Puppr gives dog owners the practical tips they need for training success.
  • Fuzzy Pet Health: While not a replacement for face-to-face vet visits, virtual veterinary apps like Fuzzy Pet Health are a lifesaver when you need expert advice in a pinch.
  • BarkBox: Every good boy deserves good toys. Each month, BarkBox sends subscribers a curated selection of toys and treats to keep their dogs entertained.


A dog trainer is also a wise investment. Whether you adopted a puppy or an adult dog, your new pet needs guidance to learn how to live successfully in your home. A dog daycare with on-site training is a great solution for busy pet owners.


Pawsitive routines for busy pet owners

Routines are the key to getting things done. It's true in business, and it's true for your pet. A routine makes the daily responsibilities of pet ownership manageable. Routines also support training and reduce anxiety in dogs.

1.) Stick to a work schedule

This is easier said than done when running a startup. However, a consistent schedule is important for reducing separation anxiety in dogs and the troublesome behaviors that come with it. Set up a home office so that if you need to work long hours, you can do it at home with your pup by your side.


2.) Give your dog things to do

A bored dog is a destructive dog. If your dog will be home alone, provide plenty of stimulating toys and either crate train your pet or confine him to a dog-proofed area.


3.) Or bring your dog to work

Better yet, make your dog part of your work routine! Bringing your dog to work can be a positive experience for you both, not to mention convenient during the house training process. Just make sure your dog is socialized before bringing him to a professional environment.


4.) Spend quality time together

The time you spend with your dog doesn't have to be long to be meaningful. If bringing your dog to work isn't an option, take advantage of time in the mornings and evenings for a quick walk, game of fetch, or training session. Even if your dog walker handles most of the exercise, these short sessions are valuable bonding time for you and your pet.


Dogs have so much to offer whether you want to relieve stress, boost health, or just add a little bit of joy to your life. Why miss out simply because you're busy running a business? With these tips and tools, entrepreneurs can give their dogs the care they deserve on schedule business owners can manage.


Looking for a way to simplify your grooming routine? Use RUBOLD’s all-in-one grooming tool to keep your dog’s coat healthy the easy way.


Cindy is a freelance writer and dog lover. She started Our Dog Friends ( as a fun side project for herself and to educate pet owners and potential pet owners about how dogs can enrich our lives. She enjoys writing about dogs and pet ownership.

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