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The ultimate Poodle grooming guide

This species has lots of variants not only as regards the colors, but as regards their sizes as well. There are giant (standard) ones, medium, miniature and toy sizes. Its basic colors are black, white and brown, but there are also silver and apricot colored poodles as well. The Harlequin and the black-tan color versions are not accepted at shows yet. The hair of the poodles is curved, and the undercoat is also usually very wavy. The hairs are not always wavy along the same plane and waviness may extend up to curliness. it may happen that the outer coat hairs are not only long, but they are also inclined to stick together. If the fur is not groomed, then long, spiral mops of hair are formed. At the time when the species was created this was still the “fashionable” coat for the poodles, only for practical reasons. The Poodle is characteristically a species that they used to shave. In the case of Poodles that are held as pets, the most preferred and very practical, modern style that requires little after-grooming is the so-called “karakul” style. Generally, it can be said that combing and disentanglement are always important. The work should be always started with this. In the case of each style the neck and the face-nose part, the paws (here the middle of the paw pads and upside up to the fingers), the groin part, the surroundings of the anus and the stem of the tail are cut too short. In the case of the “karakul” style, the hair is cut too short, to about 1-1.5 cm over the entire body of the dog. At the front legs, the fur has a column-shape, while at the rear legs the form is more full, breaches like. The head gets a rounded shape. The hair on the chest is cut with scissors in order to form a nice transition with the columns of the front legs. The hairs of the tail have a roundish form or if the tail is truncated, it has a cylindrical form.

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