Grooming your Wirehair Fox Terrier

The Foxie may function not only as a family pet but also as a hunting dog. Its fur consists of hard hair outercoat and soft undercoat. Its base color is white, which is made more colorful by black and brown patches.

Its final color develops usually by the age of two years. The color of the outer coat is far more vivid than that of the matt toned undercoat. Grooming the wiry hairs is done with trimming. Trimming is done in a characteristic manner in the case of the Terrier species. At the head, the skullcap is trimmed down to the brow ridge, on the two sides are trimmed down to the campuses and down to the neck. They trim or shave the backside of the ears. A characteristic beard is left on the chin, the rest is trimmed and the mustache is combed forward and the face-nose part is shaped with scissors to a narrowing rectangular shape. First, they trim on the body the undercoat and then they trim the outer coat. They trim the hairs on the neck, on the back, on the chest down to the elbow, at the front edge of the tail, at the sides of the thighs, and at the backside edge up to the stem. At the legs during trimming they form a column-like shape, which is adjusted to its final form with scissors. The paws they always adjust to the shape of a roundish cat paw.

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