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The Ultimate French Bulldog Grooming Guide 2021

The Ultimate French Bulldog Grooming Guide 2021

French Bulldog grooming guide

French Bulldogs are small, compact, and funny-looking dogs. They are known to be the best amongst all the canine companions. Bulldogs are small and chubby dogs with short legs. They have a great temperament. With their pug-like faces, are round but not very tall, and are wide and muscular. Their small legs might seem fragile, but they are actually very strong and sturdy enough to support their chunky bodies. French Bulldogs are known to be very intelligent and friendly. It’s a small breed of domestic dog. They are members of the Molosser breed type. This breed is named after France, where the breed originated in the mid-1800s. Frenchies, as they are commonly called, are muscular, heavy-set dogs with short muzzles and strong heads. Their faces are wide and short, their noses are large and flat, and their eyes are round and dark. While French Bulldogs are a small breed, they are not the smallest dog. (That distinction belongs to the Chihuahua.)

As many a dog owner will tell you, grooming a dog can be quite a challenge. Different breeds will have different types of fur, and having the right grooming equipment is essential.  This article will help you to keep your Frenchie’s coat clean and beautiful. If you are feeling nervous about learning how to groom your pup at home, do not worry. Learning how to groom your dog at home can be easy. You will soon get the hang of it and have much more fun with your dog. So, let’s get started and learn some vital French Bulldog grooming tips.

This breed has several special grooming needs because of its short, smooth coat, which is either fine or coarse and comes in a variety of colors. Do French Bulldogs shed? Yes, Frenchies often shed a lot, so definitely some work needs to be done here. This includes brushing, bathing, and clipping nails. Even though this is a relatively low-maintenance breed, there are several things to keep in mind when you groom your Frenchie.

Should I brush my French Bulldog?

As previously discussed French Bulldogs have short hair that needs to be groomed with a rubber grooming mitt or hound glove to remove hair gently. 

What is a rubber grooming mitt?

A rubber grooming mitt is a glove-like cover that you can put on your hand to groom your dog. They are made of rubber and are used to remove loose hair, smooth out and condition the fur coat, and massage the skin. Rubber grooming mitts are a great alternative to natural bristle brushes. They are softer on your dog's coat, and they don't shed anything that would stick to your dog or get into the air as natural bristle brushes do. The rubber grooming mitt is also fantastic for small areas like a dog's face, paws, or belly.


French Bulldog grooming - brushing


It is advised to brush them weekly to remove dead hair and to promote their skin oils which make the fur soft and shiny.


French Bulldog grooming - bathing

How often should you bathe a Frenchie?

A super important element of french bulldog grooming is bathing. Since they are quite clean overall bathing is only necessary occasionally when they get into some “trouble” or weekly at maximum. Be careful when choosing a shampoo for your French Bulldog. Not every shampoo will do! They generally have sensitive skin and often develop allergies, so your best choice is an all-natural shampoo developed especially for sensitive dog skin. 

How do you treat bulldog face folds?

Facial folds on French Bulldogs are called "cheek ruffs", and are incredibly cute. They are folds of skin that start at the corners of the eyes and run down the sides of the face to the chest. However, while these folds are an attractive feature in puppies, some owners of Frenchies with loose skin are concerned about the health of their dogs.

As with many other health conditions, the reason for loose skin in French Bulldogs is multifactorial. Breeding practices, environment, nutrition, and other factors all contribute to the development of loose skin in these dogs. Allergies and diet can play a role in the development of facial folds in French Bulldogs. Skin that is damaged through allergies or contact with environmental allergens. 

When bathing your Frenchie try to avoid the face area with water. Their faces have folds and if their folds get wet the moisture trapped between the folds can cause infections later on. Check these folds after every bathing session and only use wet wipes to clean this area. Some groomers recommend using talcum powder or cornstarch to keep the folds dry.

Bathing gives you a great opportunity to check the skin if there are any hotspots or redness which can be a sign of an allergy. 


French Bulldog grooming - nail clipping

When should I cut my French bulldog’s nails?

Your dog’s nails must be kept short because otherwise they would grow into the skin and cause pain and discomfort. Long nails can also make it difficult for a dog to walk properly, and infected nails can be very painful for the dog and even lead to a life-threatening condition. A dog’s nails grow constantly, so if you don’t cut them regularly, they will get too long and have to be cut manually.  The best way to cut a dog’s nails is not to cut them too short. If you cut them too short, they may bleed and cause pain and discomfort. Instead, cut them to a length where they are just long enough to touch the ground.


French Bulldog grooming - eye cleaning

How do you clean French bulldog eyes?

Tear stains (also known as “lacrimal staining”) are a common issue in some dog breeds, and they occur when tears and mucous from the eyes run down the face, leaving behind streaks and splotches on the skin, fur, and surrounding areas. Some breeds are more prone to tear stains than others, and it’s often related to the shape of the eyes — dogs with triangular-shaped eyes and pugs, for example, are more likely to suffer from tear staining. But many dogs with round eyes can still develop the problem, especially if they’re left in a dirty environment. Tear stains in lighter colored French Bulldogs can be spotted quite easily. It is not very dangerous but can cause infections in the eyes if it’s not removed properly. 


French Bulldog grooming - ear cleaning

Do French Bulldogs need their ears cleaned?

Thankfully French Bulldogs usually don’t have many ear problems. But as for every dog, it is advisable to check their ear canals for any dirt and debris and clean the canal if necessary. Steps: wipe your pup's ears clean with a cotton ball and a few drops of a natural and gentle ear wash. Most Frenchies have very sensitive ears, so use very soft and clean cotton balls. The goal is to keep your dog's ears clean and to avoid infections that could lead to hearing loss. 


French Bulldog grooming - tail pockets

What is a tail pocket on a French bulldog?

Tail pockets are unique for bulldog varieties. It is the hollowed-out space behind the tail base and you must keep this clean just like the facial folds. Check this area regularly and clean at least every week. 

Key takeaways of French Bulldog grooming 

French Bulldogs are very playful dogs that love the company of their owners, and are also very attached to them. They are very active as a puppy. They love to play games, especially with their owners. However, they are not recommended for people with allergies, as they tend to shed a lot. The French Bulldog is an intelligent dog and can learn a number of tricks. We are talking about a very playful breed and are known to learn tricks easily.

French Bulldog grooming - Step 1:

Brush them with rubber grooming mitt or hound glove to remove hair gently.

French Bulldog grooming - Step 2:

Bath your Frenchie occasionally with a sensitive shampoo or every time dirt needs to be removed. Take extra care of the face folds and keep them dry and clean

French Bulldog grooming - Step 3:

Frenchie’s nails should be kept short in order to prevent painf and discomfort

French Bulldog grooming - Step 4:

Remove tear stains to keep the eyes healthy

French Bulldog grooming - Step 5:

Also keep an eye on the tail posckets as well, this should be kept clean as well

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