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How to Groom a Dog with Scissors - Step by Step Dog Grooming Guide

How to Groom a Dog with Scissors - Step by Step Dog Grooming Guide

Grooming a dog with scissors may seem difficult or scary task at first. Only if you don't know where and how to start. We want to help you get started with your new Salon Cut scissors set, so here we go.

First I'd like to say: Congratulations! You made a great choice purchasing the Rubold Salon Cut Grooming Scissors Set. By now, hopefully, you have received the product and are ready to bring out the beauty in your pet. Grooming your dog or cat requires some patience, practice, and knowledge, but it's definitely not that hard. On this page, we provide you some useful information to learn how to work with scissors. The 3+1 set contains 3 different scissors and a straight comb. Every scissors play a different role in dog grooming and they are all required for particular and specific uses. These 3 scissors will give you all the tools you need to make your doggy or kitty look gorgeous again!



Using grooming scissors on pets

Use the RUBOLD Straight Scissors for most of the cutting. This is the primary tool groomers use as well during a grooming session. With the RUBOLD 6" Straight Scissors you can reach all areas of the body, even the most sensitive parts like face, nose, ears or paws. The Rounded End Tip will protect the skin of your dog or cat from being hurt. Cut down the long overgrown hair and also remove the unnecessary mats and tangles from the coat of your pet. The RUBOLD Straight Scissors are useful for tidying up the fur around and under the paws, trimming the hair across the eyes as well as around the ears, shaping the tail (for medium and long-coated dogs) and anywhere else that needs an even and lined finish.

Use the 7" RUBOLD Curved Scissors for styling and shaping. Don't be afraid to use this tool: even a novice user can use it effectively with great results. The RUBOLD Curved Scissors are supreme at getting trimming the hair on dogs' feet so that they look nice and round, back legs where the thigh muscle curves down to the hock, that area of the chest that blends down into the front legs, eyebrows, and many other places. Once you get comfortable using curved scissors and learning how to use them with the curve facing either left or right, they will become the tool that you'll never want to be without again.

Next, get your 6" RUBOLD Thinning Scissors for trimming areas (such as the face) from which you're not sure how much hair you really want to remove or create a natural & blended look. You can also use this shears for fixing the chunks you accidentally took out with your other scissors or blades, preventing the inevitable missing chunk of hair on an overly excited animal. Particularly great for removing mats in a way that still leaves hair behind. The teeth of the RUBOLD Thinning Scissors are set so they only cut the hair where the spaced out teeth actually meet, thus resulting in a non-obvious, very forgiving trim. You have to open and close the scissors several times to remove more and more hair until you are happy with the amount you have removed. Because of this, you can also use them to break up mats by cutting into the matt several times and then using your RUBOLD Brush to pull out what you have cut. Eventually, you will have the matt out and there will still be hair left, rather than a big bald spot from just using a scissor to chop it out. Thinning shears can also do something that regular scissors can't. They can create a very natural, soft look, as opposed to the blunt, hard edge you get with other scissors.

For maximum steadiness when cutting, place your thumb in the hole without the curved bar and then place your ring finger into the other hole. Your index and middle finger will naturally support the scissor as it is open and closed and your little finger will naturally have the little curve bar to fit into. Holding the scissors this way means that the whole hand is supporting the scissor movement and there is less likelihood of the scissors slipping out of line with what you are scissoring.

CAUTION: Every RUBOLD Scissors are very sharp, therefore important to be very careful when using them not to cut yourself or the dog in the process!

Common questions regarding dog grooming shears

Is it important to groom my dog or cat regularly?
The RUBOLD Salon Cut Grooming Set is not just for dogs or cats who need face, paws or tail trimmed regularly, but it's a must-have if your dog or cat has a long coat that may get matted or gets an occasional knot that needs to be cut off. A well-groomed dog or cat is a happier pet!

How often should I use the Salon Cut Grooming Set?
Every pet has different grooming needs. If your dog or cat is very active and plays a lot outside, chances are the coat can get matted very often. In this case, you have to brush and look for tangles more often and if you find very stubborn mats you may want to use the RUBOLD Thinning Shears to get rid of the tangles. If you are a pro user or a breeder or your pets are featured on pet shows frequently you will use this set more often.


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Can I groom my dog at home? 

How do I learn to groom my dog? 

Do you shave a dog with the hair or against?

More questions? We are here to help!
Here at RUBOLD, our customers' 100% Satisfaction is our top priority! If you need further help in using our product, or if you have questions about use, your order, returns or refunds please contact us!

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