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How to groom your Gordon or Irish Setter

How to groom your Gordon or Irish Setter
We differentiate four Setter species: the Red Irish Setter, the Red-White Irish Setter, the Black-White English Setter, the Orange-White, Brown-Tan, or the Tricolour and Gordon Setter with Black Tan Marks). The hairs of the Setters are silky, long and flag-like, they are always straight or slightly wavy, but they can never be curly. Their fur requires regular grooming, it has to be disentangled, brushed and combed with weekly regularity. In their cosmetic treatment, they apply both trimming and shaving. The skull top, the neck along the line of the back up to the rib curves, the top edge and the sides of the tail, the edge of the front legs and the sides of the thighs are trimmed. They shave the section between the region of the throat and the breastbone, occasionally they remove the hair with thinning scissors. The hairs on the chest are adjusted with scissors, the same way as the hairs of the bottom line. At the back of the front legs, they also shave the hairs, but only up to the fifth finger, since the flag starts from there, which they cut with scissors nicely to straight, however, they do not shorten it. The long hairs of the rear legs are also adjusted the same way. The flag of the tail is formed to a triangular shape. These species do not need or need only rarely bathing, however when preparing the dog for exhibitions bathing and drying to form after bathing as essential.

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