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Music for dogs

Music for dogs

If you are like most people who have pets, you care for them as if they were your children. Fulfilling their needs and wants is an important part of your day because you want them to have everything they need. One thing they need but cannot tell you about is animals’ music. There actually have been several studies done on this topic to see what sort of influence, if any, music has on animals. The majority of the tests found that it has the same calming effect that music has on people. There are a few reasons why your animals should listen to music.

The first reason many pet owners put on animals music is that is it soothes their pets when they are gone. Most people are gone throughout the entire day, which leaves their animals at home alone. To make them feel more comfortable and safe, you could try putting on music before you leave the house.

You do not even have to have a pet that has problems being home alone. This will work on all pets because it will make the most relaxed pet more comfortable being at home. You might have to play around with the music to see what type works for your pet.  

If you never thought about how much this can work, consider how veterinarians play music for dogs when they come out of anesthesia. If your goal is to calm your pet, then you obviously would want to play soothing music. Anything with a fast beat to it simply would wind up your pet. So, be careful of hard rock and hip-hop music if your idea is to put your dog or pet in a relaxed mood.

Because different pets respond differently to music, you will want to think about what your goal is with the composition. Harp music also has been found to work well to calm pets, as well as piano music. Although piano music works well on most animals, it works best on cats.

Playing animals’ music also is a great idea for people with new pets. They can have such a difficult time adjusting to their new environment, that they need all the help they can get feeling calm. For this, you should try playing the soothing music when you are playing with your pet, that way they associate the music with happy times. Then you can put on the music right before you leave for the day. They will feel more comfortable being alone during the day when they think of their owner.

If you are looking for animals’ music to help calm and soothe your pet, there are different kinds of music that you should play. The selection depends on the situation and what type of reaction you want from your pet.  For example, if you recently adopted an abused pet, your main goal obviously is to calm your pet. You would want to play soothing music with harps. This has been shown in many studies to be one of the most relaxing sounds to animals. You still have to be careful when you go to make your actual music selection.

Make sure you select animals’ music with no fast beats or not too many instruments. Having one or both of these will defeat the purpose because it will agitate your pet further. You might want to listen to the music yourself first just to make sure there are not any fast songs snuck in there. The studies also have found that popular music really has no effect on animals.

Another great time to start using music for your pets is when they bark at just about anything. The experts believe this is because they cannot adjust to the common everyday noises that humans have come to ignore, such as traffic and lawnmowers.  And even those noises bother me sometimes, so you can imagine how your pet feels!

If this how your pet is, then you might want to try playing soothing animals’ music. Like the adopted pet, you want harps to be the predominant instruments. Piano music also works well for animals. There are different ways you can go about getting this music for your pet. You can create them yourself using the music you already know is your pet’s favorite. You also can just go the convenient route and buy the CDs pre-made. There is a large variety of different mixes that will be great for your pet.

Many pet owners wonder when they should play animals music. When you play all depends on what you want to do. If you just want your pet to be more comfortable, you could play music anytime you want. You could listen to it in the car when your pet is with you or you could listen to it at home when you are playing on the floor with your pet. Some people only put on the music when they are out of the house, that way their pet is more comfortable being home alone. 

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