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Does you dog really need massage?

Nowadays massaging our four-legged friends is not considered to be a luxury, moreover, it may be definitely useful for dogs that fight behavioral problems or dogs that are getting prepared for a dog show.

In the course of this treatment the target is not only to loosen, warm up the muscles and to run in the joints, but with its aid by feeling the body of the dog it is possible to detect, recognize any deteriorations, foreign bodies, moreover with the aid of certain techniques it is possible to exert some effect on the internal organs as well. Usually, they apply two technique types. One of them is the shiatsu massage. Its technique is partially based on Chinese acupressure. It is based on the meridian lines enmeshing the body, which we may feel even through the skin, through the hairs. It is a holistic based treatment that has an impact on the entire body. Its purpose is to balance the extremities, but it is also useful in the case of musculoskeletal pains, weaknesses, limpness and digestion problems. The other technique is commonly called the Swedish massage. It is very useful for accelerating recuperation after injuries, in reducing pain, in preventing the atrophy of muscles that are not used, and in releasing stress. Its application is recommended before shows since after loosening and stretching the muscles of the leg, the movement of the dog will be more relaxed, more balanced, and therefore more spectacular in the ring. If the message is used for the treatment of the diseases of organs, for the after-treatment, rehabilitation of injuries or surgery interventions, it is also necessary to co-operate and discuss the issue with the vet. This message is not applied in the case of dogs suffering from feverish, infectious or tumorous diseases, and wounded skin surfaces exclude the application of this kind of massage. Applying it after a surgical operation may be done only with the approval of the vet.

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