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Boxer Puppy Training is Vital for the Boxer Puppy Parent

Boxer Puppy Training is Vital for the Boxer Puppy Parent

The boxer dog is a medium sized dog that was originally bred in Germany, and came from breeding the now-extinct Bullenbeisser (Bull-biter) with an English bulldog. They have short, square skulls and an underbite, as well as very powerful jaws for grabbing larger prey. They have been in existence for a little over a hundred years, and there is some controversy as to the origin of their name. In this article, we’ll take a look at some basic information on Boxers, as well as how you can tell if a boxer is a dog for you.

The boxer dog was originally bred to be a medium-sized guard dog and was first bred in the 1890s in Germany. They are very affectionate, however, and are fun-loving, energetic, and a decent choice for a first-time owner. Boxers also have a short, close-lying coat that is easy to groom, and does not shed much during any part of the year. They are fairly friendly towards strangers but can sense when someone is attempting to intrude into a home, and do make excellent watchdogs. Boxers can also be somewhat sensitive or headstrong, and actually rebel in some aspects if they are trained too harshly.

Your boxer dog may have a docked tail and cropped ears, although this is now becoming illegal in much of the world (including Germany, where the Boxer was originally bred) due to animal rights activists challenging the necessity of docking for health reasons. Boxers have a reputation as “vigorous,” which means that not only do they necessarily have high energy but they tend to do everything bigger. When they run, they cannonball across the yard or field, when they play, they play hard, and they even eat and drink with huge bites and gulps. While this makes the dog a lot of fun to be around, it can also make it a real handful.

The boxer dog has somewhat strong predatory instincts, but don’t take this the wrong way – they are no danger to family members or guests (although they make excellent watchdogs). It simply means that they have a tendency to chase after small creatures like rabbits and cats that may cross their path. Things like birds may also dominate their attention on long walks. If you have a medium sized home with access to a park than a boxer is likely an excellent choice of dog for you.

Dog training is necessary for a well-adjusted well behaved dog. Some of the training you do will be to curb and focus the natural herding and chasing instincts as well as to establish unmitigated authority. Some of the training of your puppy will be for fun. No matter what, a dog will need that training to know their place in the family hierarchy and to feel they offer a vital contribution to family life.



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