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How to Groom a Long Coat Dog Step by Step

The long coated small breeds are characterized by a certain appealing full fluffiness, as opposed to the parted coat-breeds, which are characterized by long, smooth, flowing hair, which is more similar to long human hair.  For this reason, keep this in mind when grooming long-coated small dogs:  Think of the coat standing out from the body, rather than lying flat against the skin. When you have finished giving your small dog a bath, below is a step by step process on how to groom that long fluffy coat.

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Dog Grooming is Making Them Huggable

Part of taking care of your dog is keeping him or her clean. If you’ve ever had a dog go a month or so without grooming of any kind, you know that they can be quite a mess – first off, the smell isn’t exactly pleasant. Then there are the knots of hair with long-haired breeds that can turn into real nightmares. Lastly, knowing you have a good-looking dog is a nice feeling, regardless of the breed. In this article, we’ll summarize some basic principles on dog grooming and keeping your dog clean, and in turn, healthy and happy.

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What Grooming Supplies and Tools You Should Use

If you own a dog, especially a toy dog or companion dog that is specially built for grooming, chances are you’ve already tried grooming your dog in a few different ways. Even if you have a large dog that simply loves to run and play, they will almost definitely get filthy at some point, be it by rolling in something foul or simply splashing through ocean water. If you are looking for either premium grooming supplies or shampoos to kill fleas and ticks, then this article will take a look at what you can use for virtually any type of grooming need. Grooming supplies are generally split into several categories, depending on the type of grooming you are trying to...

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All Dog Breeds: Finding the Right One for Your Home

For many people, a house is not a home without a canine family member to share in their day to day activities. If you’re looking for a dog to join your household, it’s easy to be swayed by that cute bundle of fluff with the soft brown eyes but doesn’t be impulsive. Dogs live for an average of 12 years so it’s essential that you do your research and choose the right breed for you. A poor match between dog and owner will cause stress and anxiety and could result in the dog being given up for adoption. There are a number of factors that you should consider before buying your pup.

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