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How to clip a dog's nail without the risk of injury

Usually, they do nail clipping at the end of the cosmetic operations. Although the nails are worn in a natural way if the dog moves enough on hard soil (that is not at home on the kitchen tile), nevertheless, this should be inspected. Nails too long will bend backward and this will not only hinder the dog in its free movement, but it may also cause pain for the dog. 

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Russian Black Terrier

This huge, black Russian species is the favorite of many people, due to its elegant appearance and kind temper. Its outer coat is hard and dense, while its undercoat is thick. It has a characteristic beard and eyebrows. The hair has to be disentangled each week, with paying special attention to the undercoat.

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Kerry Blue Terrier grooming

It can be rarely said about a terrier species that it is not trimmed. However, the soft, thick and wavy hair of the Kerry Blue Terrier has to be shaved. It is interesting that all of these species are born with black colored skin and when they are about two years old their fur will have a characteristic blue shade. In spite of the fact that it is not trimmed, but it is cut with scissors, the characteristic terrier form has to be kept.

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Grooming spitz dogs and other big furred species

Spitz dogs usually have double coats, that is, multiple undercoats are hidden between the outer coat hairs. The Husky, the Malamute, the Chow-Chow and the nowadays increasingly the Akita have similar hair types. Although the length of the overcoat is different by species, it is characteristic of each of them that the not too long undercoat is very dense and woolly.

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Grooming your Maltese Silky Dog

The Maltese dog, similarly to the Yorkie has no undercoat, it has only an outer coat that is made of straight, silky, shiny and very long hairs throughout the body. Since the white fur gets dirty easily, the show dogs are groomed with special oil and the hairs are spun on paper, in order to prevent its injuries and its getting dirty. It needs regular grooming, its spectacular, long hair has to be combed each day.

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Bichon Havanese grooming

The fur of the Havanese is soft, slightly wavy, and it is about 15 cm long. This species has many color versions:: its color may be of the shades of beige, brown, grey or black. Its long hairs demand regular grooming, it has to be disentangled and the tangles have to be removed at least twice a week if possible. It does not have to be shaved, but in the vicinity of the pads of the legs and in the surroundings of the anus it is practical to cut off the long hairs.

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