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The World of Dogs

All Dog Breeds: Finding the Right One for Your Home

For many people, a house is not a home without a canine family member to share in their day to day activities. If you’re looking for a dog to join your household, it’s easy to be swayed by that cute bundle of fluff with the soft brown eyes but don’t be impulsive. Dogs live for an average of 12 years so it’s essential that you do your research and choose the right breed for you. A poor match between dog and owner will cause stress and anxiety and could result in the dog being given up for adoption. There are a number of factors that you should consider before buying your pup.

Music for dogsFeatured

If you are like most people who have pets, you care for them as if they were your children. Fulfilling their needs and wants is an important part of your day because you want them to have everything they need. One thing they need but cannot tell you about is animals’ music. There actually have been several studies done on this topic to see what sort of influence, if any, music has on animals. The majority of the tests found that it has the same calming effect that music has on people. There are a few reasons why your animals should listen to music.

Are Puppy Kindergarten Classes Necessary?

Are Puppy Kindergarten Classes Necessary? You Be The Judge (Part 1)

It's time you make the right decision and enroll your pup into puppy school. Take the following example from a friend of mine, Jim Bonza:

“Just before my neighbor's 100-pound, 9-month-old chocolate Labrador Retriever was about the be thrown away to the nearest animal shelter for doing what comes natural – jumping up on everyone, running away every chance he could, and barking non-stop at anyone or anything – I was able to save the dog by taking him in myself,” Jim says.

“He's had no training; he chews everything in sight and isn't housetrained. His owners had no idea how to train or control the dog, so they gave up on him.”

Australian Shepherds Training - 3 Ready to Go Tips You Can Implement Today

Australian Shepherd training is critical to having a well adjusted and happy dog. Aussies are working dogs, specifically they were bred as herders and the herding instinct runs strong in them. In addition, they often work at the herding without human supervision, so they have a strong independent streak and will ‘challenge’ for a place in your pack hierarchy. To keep the struggle for top dog from discoloring your relationship you need to establish proper family hierarchy from the moment you bring the puppy home. Here are three tips you can use to help your Aussie know his place and become a happy member of your family.

Boxer Puppy Training – Vital For The Boxer Puppy Parent

The boxer dog is a medium sized dog that was originally bred in Germany, and came from breeding the now-extinct Bullenbeisser (Bull-biter) with an English bulldog. They have short, square skulls and an under bite, as well as very powerful jaws for grabbing larger prey. They have been in existence for a little over a hundred years, and there is some controversy as to the origin of their name. In this article, we’ll take a look at some basic information on Boxers, as well as how you can tell if a boxer is the dog for you.

The boxer dog was originally bred to be a medium-sized guard dog, and was first bred in the 1890s in Germany. They are very affectionate, however, and are fun-loving, energetic, and a decent choice for a first-time owner. Boxers also have a short, close-lying coat that is easy to groom, and does not shed much during any part of the year. They are fairly friendly towards strangers, but can sense when someone is attempting to intrude into a home, and do make excellent watchdogs. Boxers can also be somewhat sensitive or headstrong, and actually rebel in some aspects if they are trained too harshly.

Your boxer dog may have a docked tail and cropped ears, although this is now becoming illegal in much of the world (including Germany, where the Boxer was originally bred) due to animal rights activists challenging the necessity of docking for health reasons. Boxers have a reputation as “vigorous,” which means that not only do they necessarily have a high energy but they tend to do everything bigger. When they run, they cannonball across the yard or field, when they play, they play hard, and they even eat and drink with huge bites and gulps. While this makes the dog a lot of fun to be around, it can also make it a real handful.

The boxer dog has somewhat strong predatory instincts, but don’t take this the wrong way – they are no danger to family members or guests (although they make excellent watchdogs). It simply means that they have a tendency to chase after small creatures like rabbits and cats that may cross their path. Things like birds may also dominate their attention on long walks. If you have a medium sized home with access to a park, than a boxer is likely an excellent choice of dog for you.

Dog training is necessary for a well-adjusted well behaved dog. Some of the training you do will be to curb and focus the natural herding and chasing instincts as well as to establish unmitigated authority. Some of the training of your puppy will be for fun. No matter what, a dog will need that training to know their place in the family hierarchy and to feel they offer a vital contribution to family life.

Airedale Training - You Don't Have to be an Expert to be Successful

Have you heard that Airedale training is impossible? Do you worry that only an expert trainer could ever effectively deal with this notoriously difficult breed? Well, stop worrying. The problems with Airedales have been exaggerated and in most cases completely understood. Your Airedale puppy will be extremely smart and independent minded therefore he will need to ‘see the reason’ for what you are asking, much the same way a human child does. Also like a human child, you will need to keep the training fresh and interesting – switch techniques regularly and use inventive ways to communicate and your Airedale will respond extremely well to training.

Air Travel – Why Are Dogs Dying On Airplanes?

According to a record keeping study that was started in May of 2005, by the US Department of Transportation, 96 pets were either injured, lost, or had died during air travel. Out of this number, exactly 17 pets were lost, 49 died, and 30 were injured. This information is probably a big surprise to most of you, considering that boarding your pet in a crate for airline travel is supposed to be safe. Animal air travel is not always as dangerous as the above poll numbers. In fact, dog enthusiasts and breeders routinely fly their dogs without having any trouble at all. The airlines make every claim possible that dogs that travel on-board will be perfectly safe. The same claim are held by the Transportation Association of America.

Slow Down Boy! Training a Puppy to Walk

Nobody will ever have to train a puppy to run. Training a puppy to walk on the other hand will take careful training and a great deal of positive reinforcement. Puppies have naturally curious natures and in the natural pack, are not restricted but can run ‘where the nose leads them’. Unfortunately, with the hazards of modern life, (most specifically, cars), it is not safe for your puppy to just run free. He needs to learn to walk on a leash, safe by your side. So how do you get your puppy to walk rather than follow his natural instinct for play and frolic?

Establish The Family Line with AKC Dog Breeds

If you are looking for a new dog, wanting to know more about the one you have, or perhaps decide if you should breed your dog, you can find out if he is recognized as one of many AKC dog breeds.  Since 1884, the American Kennel Club has registered purebred dog pedigrees.  They also promote and sanction many events, including the annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.  The American Kennel Club is probably the purebred dog kennel club Americans are most familiar with.

Finding out if your dog is one of the recognized AKC dog breeds can be easy.  If your dog’s parents are both registered as the same breed with the American Kennel Club, then your dog can be recognized as a purebred.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean the dog may be completely 100% healthy as the American Kennel Club doesn’t have health standards for breeding.  Other kennel clubs require medical examinations, while the American Kennel Club simply requires that both parents are registered as purebred.  That seems to deter some people from registering their breeds with the American Kennel Club.

Natural Dog Food – Why You Should Make The Transition Gradually

Because you want the best for your dog, you most likely have heard a lot about natural dog food as of late. It actually is a great way to provide the necessary nutrients to your dog and nothing else. It does not have all the fillers and preservatives that traditional dog food has, so you are ensuring that your dog is not consuming anything extra. When you start your dog on this natural diet, it is best to start out slowly to make sure that your dog does not react to the food. The reason this could happen is because your pet is so used to his normal food that his body might not recognize the natural food.

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