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Rubold Natural Ear Cleaner for Dogs & Cats

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What could be better for your loved pet than something All Natural? We worked hard to create this gentle, effective and safe solution for eliminating dirt, odors, ear wax, debris and itchy ears. The unique plant-based Infection Stop Formula™ fights ear infection, ear mites, fungus or yeast infection. It not just cleans, but also moisturizes and restores the ear's natural healthy condition. Designed for every Dogs and Cats to sooth symptoms and prevent ear problems. You can even use on puppies over 12 weeks. While other harsh medicated ear cleaning solutions can irritate or allergenic your pet's ears, Rubold Natural Ear Cleaner cleans and protects naturally, thanks to its pure natural ingredients: Coconut, Palm and Citrus extracts. Our product is made in the USA, so you can be confident about the highest quality.

It's super simple to use:
Just soak a few cotton balls or pads in Rubold Ear Cleaner liquid and clean the inside and the outside part of the ears in a few seconds. We are confident that the Rubold Premium Natural Ear Cleaner will finally solve your problem of nasty odors, itching and scratching ears, ear wax, dirt and stubborn ear infections of your furry friend. Most pathogenic bacteria enters your pet through their ears. Don't give them the chance! Use Rubold Natural Ear Cleaner weekly.

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