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Grooming dogs with sensitive skins

Usually the dogs that have white, or light coloured hairs and the dogs that have bright pink skins are the ones that have wrinkled skins and the hairless dog species belong into this group. Dry air, sunshine or certain cosmetic products, shampoos may mean a problem for these dogs. The Basset Hound, the Bulldog, the Sharpei, the French Bulldog, the Pug Dog, the Boston Terrier do not require any special grooming as regards their fur. However, since their skin is more or less wrinkled, the skinfolds demand special attention. The food remnants may be deposited between the skinfolds of the cheek, moreover, the ears of the Basset Hound may even dangle into the dish. therefore in their case the cheeks (the ears) have to be thoroughly wiped. Pulling aside the folds all remnants have to be removed with a wet wiping kerchief. The skinfolds of the body and the legs have to be also examined somewhat rarer in order to find out whether there is any skin redness or wound anywhere. The owner of the dog does his task the best, if he pays attention to “putting into order” the entire surface of the body by smoothing out the skinfolds during grooming with rubber gloves. The white skinned species, as e.g. the Westie, the Maltese, the Bichon Frise, the White Poodles may be more sensitive to certain cosmetic substances, therefore in their case selecting the appropriate shampoo, conditioning agent, spray requires serious attention. From among the longer haired species the short cheek-nose part of the a turned up nosed Beijing, the Japanese Chin, the Shih-Tzu demand special attention. The long hairs cover the skinfolds, therefore the owner may not necessarily notice the food remnants hiding among them, which – however – may cause very significant skin irritation. Read more on skin care for oily skin here.

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