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Dog Grooming Tips

Dog massage

Today already massaging our four-legged friends is not considered to be a luxury, moreover it may be definitely useful for dogs that fight behavioural problems or dogs that are getting prepared for a dog show.

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Latest from the World of Dogs

Boxer Puppy Training – Vital For The Boxer Puppy Parent

The boxer dog is a medium sized dog that was originally bred in Germany, and came from breeding the now-extinct Bullenbeisser (Bull-biter) with an English bulldog. They have short, square skulls and an under bite, as well as very powerful jaws for grabbing larger prey. They have been in existence for a little over a hundred years, and there is some controversy as to the origin of their name. In th...

Australian Shepherds Training - 3 Ready to Go Tips You Can Implement Today

Australian Shepherd training is critical to having a well adjusted and happy dog. Aussies are working dogs, specifically they were bred as herders and the herding instinct runs strong in them. In addition, they often work at the herding without human supervision, so they have a strong independent streak and will ‘challenge’ for a place in your pack hierarchy. To keep the struggle for top dog from ...

Are Puppy Kindergarten Classes Necessary?

Are Puppy Kindergarten Classes Necessary? You Be The Judge (Part 1) It's time you make the right decision and enroll your pup into puppy school. Take the following example from a friend of mine, Jim Bonza: “Just before my neighbor's 100-pound, 9-month-old chocolate Labrador Retriever was about the be thrown away to the nearest animal shelter for doing what comes natural – jumping up on everyone...

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